Bunker in Moab

The Bunker is a slim front-pocket wallet with RFID Blocking material. On the back of the wallet is a rare earth magnetic money clip which holds 10 bills folded over. The wallet is stylish and slim but still manages to organize up to 8 of your most important Cards. The Bunker includes a center pocket which can be used for receipts or large bills. Each pocket is lined with our Pocket Firewall – a metal infused flexible fabric designed to block 13.56MHz electronic signals.

Moab Leather

Moab is a traditional cowboy leather with a slight redish tone. Like all of our leather the Moab is vegetable tanned and made from the best full-grain leather available. This leather is rugged and built to resist scratching as well as age with grace.

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Slim Front-pocket Wallet

The Bunker is very slim – measuring in at a mere 0.375″ thick… just a bit thicker than the newest iPhone. Width of the Bunker is 2 3/4″ and 4″ in length. The small size of the Bunker makes it perfect for slipping into your front-pocket.

The wallet has three card pockets and each slot can hold up to two cards (once properly broken in).  When the wallet is first used, the pockets will be a bit tight, but in time the leather will stretch a bit allowing for a secure, tight fit.

A top pocket can be used for extra cards, receipts or even large bills.  The pocket is lined with the same RFID blocking material used for the other card pockets so your information is safe.

RFID/NFC Blocking

Many of the cards issued today including credit cards, ID cards, or transportation cards include RFID chips that allow for information to be transmitted across open space.  While this technology makes it easy to utilize the cards, it also creates an opportunity for malicious technology savvy individuals to capture information from the ether.

By utilizing a proprietary metallic infused flexible fabric called Pocket Firewall. The results of the Pocket Firewall material is that all Mutbak wallets block signals in the 13.56MHz range – the same frequency that is used by smart cards.

Magnetic Money Clip

The wallet utilizes a strong rare earth magnet that can hold up to 10 bills folded in half. The bills are held securely and by lifting the magnetic flap are easily removed when needed.

Gift Box

The Bunker makes a great gift for a loved one and comes in a dust bag as well as a gift box that can be easily wrapped and given for any occasion.


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