Citadel in Durango

The Citadel is a large passcase wallet which takes the best parts of both the bifold and trifold wallets and combines them into the best wallet for a man looking to carry all of their cards. The Citadel has a total of 11 card slots each of which is lined with our proprietary Pocket Firewall technology which blocks all RFID signals in the 13.56MHz range. The wallet has a bill divider designed to allow you to organize large bills or store receipts in a separate section. The flip up id window has a thumbhole for easy removal of your ID.

Durango Leather

Only the best vegetable tanned full-grain leather in a light brown sand-colored leather we call Durango. This beautiful leather only gets better with use as the leather obtains a patina.

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Large Passcase Wallet

This wallet has a total of 11 card slots that can hold 2 cards each once the wallet has been broken in, for a total of 22 cards.  You never have to decide which cards are important to you and can have them with you at all times. The wallet takes the best parts of the bifold and trifold wallet and combines them to create the passcase.

RFID/NFC Blocking

Many of the cards issued today including credit cards, ID cards, or transportation cards include RFID chips that allow for information to be transmitted across open space.  While this technology makes it easy to utilize the cards, it also creates an opportunity for malicious technology savvy individuals to capture information from the ether.

By utilizing a proprietary metallic infused flexible fabric called Pocket Firewall. The results of the Pocket Firewall material is that all Mutbak wallets block signals in the 13.56MHz range – the same frequency that is used by smart cards.

ID Window

The flip-up ID window has a built in thumbhole allowing you to easily remove your ID when needed.

Bill Divider

A thin leather separator can be used to divide large bills or receipts to help organize your money.


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