Sentry in Vegas

  • HIGH QUALITY – LONG LASTING LEATHER – The best Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned Leather Cardholder Wallet that is guaranteed to last. Combined with high quality stitching and you have a wallet made to stay with you for a long time!
  • SUPER SLIM – The minimalist designed Sentry wallet measures in at a mere 1/8″ thick 4 1/8″ wide and 2 7/8″ tall yet has enough pockets to hold 8 credit cards an ID and 5 bills
  • ELECTRONIC THEFT PROTECTION – With the absolute best RFID/NFC material, made from a metallic infused flexible fabric, thieves don’t stand a chance.
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST – Every Mutbak wallet comes with a one-year unconditional, no questions asked warranty. If the wallet fails for any reason we replace it. Guaranteed
  • PROVEN TO BE THE BEST – Read through some of the reviews to get a sense of the quality we put into the wallet: “I can no longer tell that I have my wallet in my pocket without feeling for it”, “The wallet successfully blocks the RFID card it amazed me a bit on how well it worked.”, “Overall, I really like this wallet. It met my need for something small, but pleasing to the eye”, “Excellent quality – fantastic workmanship!”

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The next generation of high quality leather wallets the named the “Sentry”.

The Sentry is a front-pocket card holder wallet. Designed to be functional yet extremely slim. We put a lot of effort into designing the wallet in order to maximize the functionality and durability.

You see the Sentry (like all of Mutbak Wallets) is special in that each card slot is lined with an RFID blocking fabric creating what we call the Pocket Firewall. The pocket firewall is made from a metal infused flexible fabric designed to eliminate 13.56Mhz RFID electronic waves from both penetrating the wallet as well as being transmitted from any chips within the wallet.

I didn’t want to have to worry about some punk walking by me with a scanner, literally picking up my credit card information from thin air. Its a theft I wouldn’t have been able to see, hear, or feel. I would have no idea my information had been stolen until after the fact, until I received my bill and noticed the unauthorized charge. And that is of course if I noticed at all. The thought of being taken advantage of like that, bothered me and I wanted a way to protect myself.

Super slim

Even though the wallet measures in at a mereĀ 0.375″ thick, we packed every inch of that space with pockets and organizers for all of your cards and IDs. The wallet includes enough pockets to fit 8 credit cards plus an ID window, along with 5 bills.

Each pocket can hold 1 to 2 cards each (will be a bit tight at first until the leather stretches a bit) giving you an astounding capacity.

Middle Pocket

The Sentry has a large middle pocket that is perfect for storing large bills, receipts or anything else that you want to be kept safe.

Absolute Best Full-Grain Leather Available

We pride ourselves on only using the absolute best leather available. We got into this business because we were tired of settling for sub-par leather and decided to do something different. That is why we have such a limited selection of colors… These are the only ones we want to put the Mutbak brand on.

Rest Easy with RFID/NFC Blocking

This is an actual picture of the RFID/NFC blocking material that lines every pocket of the Mutbak Sentry wallet.

This material which we refer to as the pocket firewall is great at blocking unwanted RFID/NFC electronic signals from penetrating your wallet and stealing information without your knowledge.

Gift Box Perfect for Wrapping

Every Mutbak wallet comes in a soft bag as well as a gift box making it easy to wrap as a gift.

No matter who you are giving the wallet to, even if it is a gift to yourself, you will love the quality and thought that is put into the Mutbak Sentry.


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